• Our Promise to Quality

    Exclusivity is guaranteed by the uniqueness and quality of our apparel. Every creation is personalized and produced after a series of quality checks and approvals from client. We make sure that we study the client company culture and match it to their requirements. As a result we get exclusive designs and unique piece of clothing.

  • Our Trustful Supplier Network

    At Pashion Clothing we ensure that our suppliers are responsible and adhere to similar principles. We strive to conduct fair and legitimate relations with all our business partners. We maintain unbiased and professional approach while choosing our suppliers and merchants. All counts is quality, integrity and commitment to generate value for each other.

  • Our Responsibility to Environment

    Sustainability is close to our hearts. We make sure that we are an environment friendly production unit making sure that we reduce wastage in all forms in our day to day operations. We recycle whenever possible. It makes us proud to know that we are capable to influence the sources of our produce and make small but significant difference to the surroundings and better future.

  • Responsibility to our Employees

    At Pashion Clothing we promote an inspiring and relaxed yet a professional atmosphere and make sure that our team members bring the best out of themselves. We have an open ear and mind to suggestions which aim to improve and upgrade and existing situations at workplace. We help our associates maintain work life balance by conducting recreational and stress busting activities.

  • More Commitment

    We are friends of people who make a difference to the society and have a strong cause to support. We make sure that we support these organizations and try to bring a smile to those benefited by participating in such corporate-social activities.